9In 2012, hublot watches replica material research and development department launched the first scratch resistant material in the world – the magic gold – “18 k gold will not be scratched “. With the assistance of the Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne and after six months of feasibility study, finally Hublot created and acquired a new wearproof 18 k gold with the fusion of gold and ceramic. Only the diamond can be left on the surface scratches on real significance, and the color with the color and luster of dark to be different from other gold. The significance of the birth of magic gold not only limited as a kind of material, but opened up the door for many new material to come out. At present, Magic platinum, magic silver and magic aluminum material are actively in the process of research for the replica hublot watches brand.

Omega launched a super watch with ceramic watch case (Speed Master). This is for the first time the Omega uses black case. “The reason we do not use the PVD BLACK PLATED in the high-end watch is because of afraid to wear in the future,” said the Mr Omega Monachon – the director of global product, “This kind of ceramic structure we use is not traditional that built on the metal frame, but the Mono cock structure made directly by the ceramic unibody.” Who provides this kind of ceramic for omega is the Comadur company of the Swatch group, which is a institution set by the Swatch group to specially study and research materials such as ceramic, there is no better than the research and development results with the help of this group. At the same time, the Rado brand has a further and better development in the high-tech ceramics. This brand has created two “top one” in two aspects in the world again: the lightest watches and adopt touch technology on your wrist for the first time.