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The trend of cutting social security with the demographics of an aging population will lead to an ever-increasing gini coefficient. Now guess that we achieve a society with 1000 people each having 40 billion dollars. So the entire wealth of the nation was held by these 3000 people. and in addition paid no taxes. and every was frugal and lived off 100,000 dollars per annum. Would the rate of money be zero?Also what is definitely the social implications? As our system happens to be 70 percent consumption the GDP would basically collapse, By about 69 percentJust a thought test about the practical exigencies involved Is that what some would call an end game?

apr interest rates 21 10:26 AMI really like this article. That said I find it interesting anyone use ‘Median household income’ in such charts. Should Median spouse and children income be charted against sales of Rolex watches? John McCain owns 11 properties. If a large proportion of houses are being bought by people in the top 10 percent of income then the top 10 percent of income ‘s better to look at than the medium income. they are buying them and rent them out.

mar 20 12:07 AMPaul I would be curious what other large cap outliers like amazon exist. It is just amazon grabs a piece of of every trendy thing that comes out. fog up, Kindle, Cell phones whatever no specializationGives me impression they will do everything in a poor wayPersonally I look to buy from best in classHeck next amazon will be selling there own electric car?Frankly were interested in buying some things there as a one stop shop but when looked at delivery cost ended up ordering books from b free delivery and stopping by Office Depot for the other itemThen again could have made a fortune off amazon if knew why it keeps going up

scar 5 11:24 PMIT how has the usa being doing for the past 30 years. 20k for medical insurance for s family of 4 for 1 yearWhy should anyone start a business here if it is a real free enterprise business and not on the doleHeard about the woman who spent 600k on her husbands cancer? what went down. And a European told me she goes to Europe for medical related as she thinks it is betterBoth my daughters were born at Mayo clinic. i didn’t feel well served. One time we a racist nurse. The other time a student doctorAt 18k a popLet me know if you decide to protest

jan 17 07:12 PMMoon consider TCS. Tata referring with services. It’s the likes of tcs that are creating big headaches for ibm. TCS is the next wave where chinese and Indian companies start beating on so named american multinationals. American multis have argued offshore the grunts in your garden topsoil profits. But never foreign the ceo. But guys like tata will be see that the CEO gets off shored. Actually your whole company. I like it so much. take a look Lenovo CEO from china and kicking hp butt. I have waited 30 years to see what’s good for the goose is designed for the gander. IBM will likely be torn to pieces and so will hp


northern Utah’s golden arches

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skillful Arch, The most captured pics of in Arches National Park

Alaska has unparalleled raw beauty, But southern Utah has equally stunning landscape that has been cut to its core for centuries.

Today we visited Arches National Park beyond the borders of Moab, utah. We hiked three miles round trip to the most photographed arch, light Arch, For sun photos.

as you move sunset fizzled due to cloud cover, The arch did not fail. It is mammoth and puzzling to imagine how it formed. geologists have their theories, But when I look at Delicate Arch perched high on a slick layer of sandstone their demonstration doesn’t convince me. there must be other forces at work to create something this magnificent.

Delicate Arch is of over 2,000 in Arches internal Park. There are babies and big ones carved into the sandstone.

Unlike hypersensitive Arch, Double Arch offers visitors easy accessibility

so the uphill hike up to Delicate over slick rock and through rocky gullies is taxing, It is well worth the effort. men and women, Like Double Arch with two crisscrossing arches and its friend Turret Arch are easy strolls.

Tomorrow we visit Canyonlands National Park just around the road from Arches where the Colorado and Green Rivers have cut deep gorges and canyons into the desert landscape.


Making a good first impression begins with wearing the right watch

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can recall the name

Whether you just met or are screaming in the throes of passion, Getting her name right is necessary. The same rule corresponds to your watch. A brand she respect for authority, corresponding to Rolex, Cartier or label, Or a way watch like Chanel or Dior, replies Tracey Llewellyn, Deputy editor of QP periodical, The watch e book. It shows your ideals.

Watch should confer with your character, informs me Llewellyn. It looks tasteful and more costly, Your date depths of the mind instincts will tell her: Man generally provider, He triumph in life. But certainly choose carefully. Too cheap says while pricy says git It all in the wrist action, you grasp.

prepare a story

Your date critical reviews on your watch, make sure you have something interesting to offer, Says watch professionals Ken Kessler. The story behind the wrist watch is best. so that, If you sporting Omega Speedmaster, You could go over how it helped save Apollo 13. or you will wear the Hamilton Ventura and mention that Elvis Presley wore one in Blue Hawaii.

steer clear of the gimmicks

Love appliances; a woman less so, expresses Llewellyn. May like the option that your watch has a touchscreen, Or just might help you land a plane, Or technology-not only to Sky+ season 2 of Treme. She won think. Don think pushing your watch buttons will often push hers. if you don’t have her looking at her own watch quicker than a techie bore. Be too gaudy

Unless you a celebrity, Ostentation is regarded as inadvis undoubtedlyable. Women should wear flash different watches, informs me Kessler. adult males, The effect is pimp or drug smuggler. Opt for the virtues you wish to convey: You are assertive and worldly. stones can come later. Now all that you should watch for is the invite back to hers.

to April 1970, Apollo 13 on the machine timing devices failed, So the Speedmaster was required to time the rocket burns to bring the crippled spacecraft back to earth.


Mazda and SpeedSource bring new things to race at the 51st Rolex 24

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Mazda will be seeking its 24th class win at the Rolex 24 at Daytona endurance race with three allnew 2014 Mazda6 cars powered with the SKYACTIVD Clean Diesel engine. this can be the firstever diesel power plant to compete in GRANDAM racing. The SKYACTIVD engines are a majority productionbased an opportunity, exceeding 60percent stock components, like engine block and head.The continuous motor: A productionbased racing version of the same 2.2liter SKYACTIVD Clean Diesel engine that will be available in the second half of 2013 for retail sale. The race engine includes over 250 stock steps. The block and head are Mazda secretion parts, comparable to that used in their production cars.70 SpeedSource: Jonathan Bomarito, Marino Franchitti, jeremy Hinchcliffe, Tom usally and Sylvain Tremblay. The twotime GT class successful team (2008 and as a consequence 2010) heading seeking their third set of Rolex watches.00 VISIT new jersey Racing/SpeedSource/Yellow Dragon: Joel cooper, Tristan Nunez, Spencer Pigot, Yojiro Terada, and as a result Tristan Vautier. Terada is the veteran Mazda racer who has competed in upwards of two dozen 24 Hours of Le Mans races, And have scored class wins with Mazda at Daytona in 1979, 1982, not to mention 1985. The others are all racers who have won recent finals within the MAZDASPEED Motorsports Ladder and the Mazda Road to Indy.Cockpit Ride at full song around Daytona in the 00 Mazda6 SKYACTIV Diesel GX Class VISIT the texas area Racing/SpeedSource/Yellow Dragon HERE,additionally to the two SpeedSource cars, you will discover one customer team:25 mobility Autosport with Andrew Carbonell, Tom time intensive, Rhett O’Doski, and also Derek Whitis. Freedom Autosport has been a winning team in the continental Tire Challenge with Mazda. They are moving up as a total team.nicole Doonan, director, Mazda Motorsports, Mazda usa Operations “This is an amazing moment in Mazda Motorsports history because we are once again bringing innovative technology to the race track to show the performance, superiority, Durability and reliability of our brand. fraction of know us as the ‘rotary engine’ company, And we love that part of our historical, To race our latest SKYACTIVD Clean Diesel technique in our newest car, In the race where we have scored our largest associated with wins, Is dramatic. Auto illustrate,Sylvain Tremblay, president, SpeedSource anthropological, And twotime Rolex 24 GT class receiver “I feel fortunate to have been a part in adding a few pages in a brief history of Mazda Motorsports. Now I am humbled to participate in a whole new chapter! New site, newly purchased car, New all areas, SKYACTIV is the way forward for us at the racetrack, that will match it is for the 2014 Mazda6, Better performance and better gas mileage, What’s not to love about this. ET on weekend, january. Waving of the green flag.


Pair jailed over Thai sex slave job

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Kam tin Ho, 40, as well as,while Sarisa Leech, 37, Were last month found guilty by a Victorian supreme court jury of intentionally using a slave. Leech was also found guilty of blatantly possessing a slave.

The pair was charged over a scheme where a Thai woman, referred to KW, Came to Australia to work as a hooker.

The court heard that after meeting Leech in Bangkok, An airfare and visa were obtained for KW to go to Australia using false documents. KW was told these arrangements created a debt and she must service 650 men in Melbourne brothels to pay it off.

the judge heard clients would pay $125 for half an hour of sex, With $50 of that amount going towards paying off KW’s debt.

She worked from 11am to 2am and would see up to 16 clients in that time.

After paying off her debt in three to four months, She was told she could earn $50 of the $125 for herself.

She asked Leech and Ho if she could work less after paying off her debt but was refused.

justice Lex Lasry said KW was under strict control, Denied a key to her housing, And her daily action were monitored. kw, Who was not able to speak English, Also had her passport removed from her.

the judge heard KW sent about $25,000 of her profit back to Thailand and bought a $6000 Rolex watch.

Justice Lasry said he was satisfied Ho and Leech had gained cheaply from the scheme.

“there may be no doubt that this arrangement under which KW performed the services that she did was highly exploitative, he explained.

“KW was in Melbourne and can not speak English.

Ho, Who was jailed trapped on tape for 14 years for similar offences relating to other Thai women, Had an extra six months added to his sentence. He must serve at the very least 11 years.


OJ Turns Over Fake Rolex To Goldman relations

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I’d rather have OJ over for dinner than brand names the Neo con Parasites infesting the Executive Branch. As a point in fact I’d pit him against Shotgun Cheney and his puppet on the string who happens to be our “Liar in chief,

The man was found not liable in the murder trial.

Morons cure it. find the Treasonous and Murderous Neo Con Parasites sucking up the trillions of American Taxpayer dollars that us, Our kids and grandkids will need to pay off.

Something all OJ admirers should reflect on before spouting off about lynch mob mentality: If white the nation really did have such a thing, OJ may well been swinging years ago. There is never a shortage of large trees during the swanky country clubs where he likes to hang out.

The Goldman family realized that an amoral murderer like Simpson won’t feel any pain until they’re taken the only thing that matters to him, plus its his money. When he can’t even afford one second hand golf club then he might finally regret slashing their handsome, aged healthy son to ribbons and leaving him like garbage on a sidewalk.


Olympic skating clothes

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There is no doubt that Ed hardy clothing line is just about the hottest choice. For college students, Ed hardy represent you are cool, clothing, force and youth. both males and females like to dress themselves by these Ed hardy accessories. consider market, you could find that all ED hardy accessories such as tshirts, shorts, capitals, handbags, Purses in some places. People can wear Ed hardy clothes all the year long. For businessmen, ED hardy clothing is an invaluable economic resource.

With the rapid growth and development of internet technology, Ed hardy has turned into a household name. Now Ed Hardy Clothing will be choosed by every industry step-by-step. Stephane Lambiel from europe channeled Prince Valiant in a medievallooking tunic with puffed sleeves and a breast plate while Canadian Vaughn Chipeur took the Ed Hardy phenomenon too far gliding out in the black stretchy Ed hardy Tshirts festooned with Hardyesque tattoo graphics rendered in primarycolored sequins.

Russia’s Evgeny Plushenko, The 2006 Olympic precious medalist, Also went the Nutcracker direct, But in a black tunic riddled with rhinestones in floral patterns. France’s Brian Joubert and Canada’s Patrick Chan obeyed suit in similarbut less ostentatiousblack, Sparkly tunics. possibly the busiest outfit of the night was worn by Daisuke Takahashi from Japan. The young skater donned black pants following a shredded, Lacedup glittery floral top boasting rows of standup ruffles and a single faux gold glittery lapel. The change was very Liberaceattackedbywolves.

depending on present situation, Ed hardy will get a great results. People will not disregard the brand. In the America street pattern world, Fashion Ed hardy is among the most king and it is always walk on the frontend of fashion. You can see Ed hardy ad wherever you go. Some renowned celebrities like to wear Ed hardy accessories. Their loyal fans will not miss the too.


Napoli striker Hamsik swindled at gunpoint

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Milan: Napoli forward Marek Hamsik is normally robbed of a luxury Rolex watch by three masked men at gunpoint, in order to Italian media reports Sunday.

ANSA news agency said Hamsik escaped uninjured from the attack which happened on Sunday simply following his side’s scoreless home draw against Sampdoria in Italy’s Serie A.

The report said Hamsik had momentarily stopped in his BMW X6 car on the motorway as he drove his wife to manchester international after the game at the San Paolo stadium, And was accomplished by three masked men on scooters.

They smashed his car window before you take Hamsik’s luxury watch after threatening him with a gun.

The wife of the Slovakian international fell victim to robbers previously, And the participant is not the first from the club to be targeted by criminals.

The club’s music artist striker, Uruguayan Edinson Cavani, And Swiss defender Valon Behrami have both been robbed a lot while the partners of former Napoli forward Ezequiel Lavezzi now at Paris SaintGermain was also mugged.

Napoli have not mentioned on the incident.

On saturday, Hamsik had among the best chances in the game to score for Napoli, Who ultimately spurned the opportunity to close the gap on leaders Juventus to two points.


Missing red panda associated with Adams Morgan

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When the youthful Rusty was discovered to be missing at 7:30 mon, The zoo went around to Code Green, The alert for an steered clear of animal.

Pandacrazy arizona went to Code Red, the actual Twitteropolis to the streets of Adams Morgan, wherein Rusty was nabbed.

portable media swarmed. law enforcement got involved. Former presidential selection Newt Gingrich, A noted zoo lover, Jested on Twitter that he was not focused and had an alibi.

Someone yelled a matter about red pandas at the White House news briefing.

and after that Ashley Foughty, 29, And her child, who had been walking from lunch, Spotted Rusty on the move at 21st and Biltmore streets. Foughty snapped some graphics and tweeted them.

They didn know Rusty was absent of, nevertheless, Figuring it was no raccoon, They called the zoo.

once the pinch was made, After a search across streets and roofs by animal curators with nets and handheld radios, Rusty was a sense on social and nonsocial media.

The zoo tweeted images of a thirstylooking Rusty safely back behind mesh, picking a drink from a water bottle. He was reported to be in a healthy body in the zoo animal hospital Monday evening.

your day events began at 7:30 when the keepers found that Rusty had disappeared, relatively overnight. on the.

Rusty is less than a year old and is about how large is a raccoon.

a rigorous, But in vain, view of the zoo ensued. After he did not arrive, speaker Pamela BakerMasson said.

Have been searching all morning, She asserted. can be that he has not really left the vicinity. He might need to have some very strong motivation to leave the area. Is relatively recent to the zoo. He arrived from lincoln subsequently, Neb, In late April and has been on exhibit a couple of weeks.

Husband actually spotted a striped tail and was such as that a raccoon, She stated. the animal came out, And we were like certainly not a raccoon. widespread zoogoer, She said she said: reckon that a red panda. Took a couple snaps, which may she tweeted about 1:15 she these. My motherinlaw known as the zoo. Said anytime she tweeted Rusty picture, She were not sure he was missing. A friend commented on Facebook moments later that the zoo needed him. So glad that they were able to find him, She shown.

Experts from the zoo and the buenos aires Humane Society soon located Rusty in a tree.

Scott Giacoppo, v. p,second in command of external affairs for the Humane Society, Said Rusty was nudged from his perch with a long pole and tumbled into a back-up.

Pandas can even be not aggressive, Said zoo curator Brandie kirkland, Who was the main team sent to get Rusty. Was probably more terrified than we were. Zoo said this doesn’t happen know how Rusty, Who is allowed to be friendly and mildmannered, Managed to eliminate his enclosure. a fresh. And everyone believes how young males like to test their boundaries, holmes said.

BakerMasson said the outdoor perhaps the enclosure wires, Which deliver a small shock in order to escapes, Were started.

in order to his escape to Adams Morgan, South throughout the zoo, Rusty likely to be crossed Rock Creek and Rock Creek Parkway, She assumed. She said Rusty was fitted with a microchip that listed his identity but could not be familiar with track him.


The New Timepiece

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´╗┐The New Timepiece

The new A. Lange Shne Tourbograph Pour le Mrite reflects the best features of the rich heritage accumulated by old Glashtte watchmaking. The town of Glashtte, East Germany, where the brand’s headquarters are situated, is appreciated worldwide as the birthplace of the exclusive traditional watches. The timepiece has been based upon the original Lange Tourbillon Pour le Mrite which appeared in 1994.

The major characteristics of the Tourbograph correspond to those of its predecessor. The timepiece contains a tourbillon with a fuse which was invented back in the 15th century. The device is responsible for equalizing a mainspring’s torque when it unwinds and reaches the end of its power reserve. Thus, a fuse prevents timing errors. However, Lange acknowledged that the device is of little practical use for the modern timepieces, but it serves as a testament to watchmaking honed skills. The new watch, considered to be the most complicated creation of A. Lange Shne has been supplied with another appealing feature a split seconds chronograph, or rattrapante. It will be available at a striking price of $460,000 and is consequently the most expensive one in the brand’s history. The Tourbograph will be produced in a limited number of 101 pieces twelve watches a year. The cases of the first 51 timepieces will be in platinum, while the other 50 in gold. Pour le Mrite is 41.5 mm in diameter and 14.3 high. Its plates and bridges are produced from unprocessed German silver. Besides such delightsome peculiarities as tourbillon, fuse and rattrapante, the Tourbograph is equipped with a planetary gear train required to keep the watch running while it is rewound.

To give birth to such a special timepiece, A. Lange Shne decided to unite its efforts with Renaud Papi, the Swiss movement maker, which also took part in developing the original Pour le Mrite, the first wristwatch to have a fuse. The cooperation of the companies led to the creation of the watch that paid tribute to the glorious past of the town of Glashtte, a flourishing watchmaking center in the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century until World War ll almost completely destroyed the town’s watch industry. A. Lange Shne wanted to put an accent at the quality of the movement that is why it chose Renaud Papi to develop the movement for its new watch. The brand, reestablished almost from scratch following the reunification of Germany in 1990, has not enough resources to be able to produce its own movement of the same quality.

A. Lange Shne Tourbograph Pour le Mrite is due to commemorate the name of Gnter Blmlein, the former German head of LMH (Les Manufactures Horlogeres), who died of leukemia in 2001. Blmlein greatly contributed to the resurrection and growth of the brand. He was the one who conceived the original Pour le Mrite aiming to provide the foundation for forthcoming watch models, including a rattrapante version. Blmlein built a brilliant career in watchmaking, having been the youngest head of the Junghans watch company at the age of 28.

A. Lange Shne replica watches follow the steps of the original timepieces produced by the prominent watchmaking company. Fine quality of replica watches will provide their owners with reliable timekeeping companions.